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Last week, MNB featured an interview with Jean-Marc Saubade, the new managing director of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which is the new organization created by the merger of CIES, the Global CEO Forum and the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI).

Unfortunately, in a couple of places, due to an editing error, he was referred to as “Jean-Paul Saubade.” For which MNB abjectly apologizes...we fixed the mistake as soon as we became aware of it.

(Of course, those of you in the know realize that calling this an “editing error” is just a way of trying to shift the blame...since in this case, the editor and the writer are the same person. Me.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.)
KC's View:
I have no idea where “Jean-Paul” came from. Now, if I’d written “Jean-Luc”...I’d know exactly how that happened...