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The Wall Street Journal reports that heightened flavors seem to be on the agenda for some manufacturers, as “food companies are hitting their labs to try to torque up flavorings to appeal to the country's expanding palates, and, of course, boost sales of snacks, drinks and even main courses,” a kind of “flavor explosion.”

According to the story, “The current flavor boom is a big change for a nation known for its mashed potatoes, chicken sticks, macaroni and cheese and other unadventurous fare. It's a reversal that has been in the making since the advent of processed food first began to drown out regional cuisines during World War II, food historians say.”
KC's View:
What this means is that more food retailers - that often specialize in lowest-common-denominator food designed not to offend, or excite, anyone - need to take chances. The results won’t be everyone...but they also could be surprising.

One reason - as people get older, they crave bolder flavors for their aging palates. And there are a lot of us “older” people on which to focus.