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This story has almost nothing to do with with MNB’s normal portfolio...but it carried a headline that we simply could not ignore. The story comes from the San Jose Mercury News and is entitled:

Cow chips may power computer chips.

Here’s the basic story...

“Giving new meaning to the term "server farm," a team of Hewlett-Packard (HP) researchers has come up with a plan for combining cow chips and computer chips to build an environmentally friendly data center — powered by manure. In a paper set for release this week, HP scientists have proposed using a ‘biogas’ recovery system that would convert livestock waste into methane, to be used as fuel to generate electricity for data centers, those cutting-edge computer facilities that serve as the nerve centers for an increasingly Internet-dependent world.

“In turn, the system would use the heat produced by the banks of server computers - sometimes referred to as server farms - to assist the process of converting the animal waste into fuel.

“The result is what Chandrakant Patel, a scientist at HP Labs in Palo Alto, Calif., calls "a symbiotic relationship between manure and IT."
KC's View:
"Nuff said.