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Alex Miller, who after a three-decade-long career at Daymon Worldwide became the private label giant’s CEO last February, has resigned, effective immediately.

Miller, who had been serving as Daymon’s president before being elevated to the CEO job, succeeded Milt Sender, who had been in the job since the company’s founding 40 years ago. Now, Alan Noddle, a member of the Daymon board of directors, will serve as interim president until a replacement can be found, while Sender will serve as chairman and CEO.

 “The company is looking forward to producing great results for our supplier partners and customers and is very optimistic that Private Brands will continue to flourish,” said Sender in a prepared statement.

Miller’s tenure as CEO has not been entirely smooth. During the last several months, both Safeway and Supervalu had decided to stop working with Daymon and bring their private brand operations in-house.
KC's View:
The natural inclination would be to connect the Miller resignation to the Supervalu and Safeway situations, neither of which are mentioned in the press release.  

However, sources inside Daymon told me yesterday that there was no connection - that Miller had actually been ready to retire several years ago but was was convinced to stay on.

In addition, sources said, the sense within the company was that the Safeway and Supervalu situations could not have been avoided - that the retailers’ private label initiatives were being led by former CPG executives who were new to their jobs and did not respect Daymon’s skills.