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The Austin Business Journal reports that HE Butt’s opening of a new. limited assortment/discount format - Joe V’s Smart Shop - has drawn the attention of Trader Joe’s which has sent HEB “a letter telling it to immediately cease and desist its use of the word ‘Joe’ and threatened to ‘pursue any and all available legal remedies’ if those demands were not met ... While Trader Joe’s alleges the new name will cause confusion among the consuming public, HEB is asking a federal judge to give it a green light to use the new name, according to records.”

Trader Joe’s does not currently have stores in Texas. The Journal writes that “the cease-and-desist ultimatum could signal that Texas is in its sights, or it could signal that HEB isn’t to be taken lightly, even if a chain doesn’t compete next door.”
KC's View:
Give me a break.

Next thing you know, they’ll want “Morning Joe” to change its name because there might be confusion between the show’s political discussions and any possible in-the-future TV advertising that the chain might do.

This just seems silly, especially because there are no announced plans for Trader Joe’s to enter Texas.