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• Haggen Food & Pharmacy and TOP Food & Drug said that they have become the first grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest to offer antibacterial reusable bags, which offer another level of safety for consumers against the spread of foodborne illnesses.

The antibacterial bags at Haggen and TOP Food stores are said to be “the first in the world that are treated with AP360, an antimicrobial product that controls harmful and odor-causing bacteria (MRSA), mold, mildew and fungus. It is produced from natural resources that are abundantly renewable. Chitin, the active substance, is derived from the shells of crabs and contains unique antimicrobial properties.”

• The Wall Street Journal reports that “Procter & Gamble Co. is waging one of the most aggressive market-share wars in years, cutting prices, accelerating product launches and spending more on advertising in an effort to win over shoppers slowly reawakening from their recession-induced coma. The moves are aimed at winning back market share lost during the recession to lower-priced rivals, including private-label brands. They also are a sign that consumers aren't yet healthy enough to fully absorb the wave of product upgrades coming at them without some help.”

• The Chicago Sun Times reports that on May 15, Kraft Foods will sponsor 2,000 house parties across the country, “giving guests a first chance to sample not one, but six new products -- product line extensions more precisely -- and share their reactions with each other. The products range from 100-calorie packets of cheese cubes to Kool-Aid fizz tablets to a new deluxe homestyle version of the iconic Kraft macaroni and cheese that is oven-baked. All the products are just being put out on store shelves this month to coincide with the huge house-party push.”

This is just the beginning of Kraft’s house party movement - it expects to have as many as 10 mass house party events by the end of the year.
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