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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a Washington Post story that ran yesterday, and was referenced here on MNB, that it plans to begin regulating the use of salt in packaged foods.

The release says, in part:

“A new report from the Institute of Medicine this week concludes that national action is imperative to reduce the sodium content of foods if we are to make significant progress toward reducing the risk of hypertension and major cardiovascular events for Americans.

“A story in today’s Washington Post leaves a mistaken impression that the FDA has begun the process of regulating the amount of sodium in foods. The FDA is not currently working on regulations nor has it made a decision to regulate sodium content in foods at this time.

“Over the coming weeks, the FDA will more thoroughly review the recommendations of the IOM report and build plans for how the FDA can continue to work with other federal agencies, public health and consumer groups, and the food industry to support the reduction of sodium levels in the food supply. The Department of Health and Human Services will be establishing an interagency working group on sodium at the Department that will review options and next steps.

“Success in reducing sodium intake will require coordinated national action, with participation of all. We are encouraged by the fact that some food manufacturers have already begun or announced their commitment to reduce sodium levels in their products.”
KC's View:
This does not sound quite like what used to be called a “non-denial denial” in the days of the Nixon administration.

But to me, it sounds like Bogie at the end of Casablanca: “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon...”