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HealthDay News reports that European scientists have identified a chemical in coffee that may actually inhibit the production of stomach acid - and that, if properly manipulated, could result in coffees that could cause less gastrointestinal discomfort.

Tests are expected to begin later this year.

According to the story, “The potential market for a kinder, gentler coffee is huge. About 40 million people in the United States alone avoid java, often because of acid reflux disease, a common stomach problem for coffee drinkers, according to background information from the American Chemical Society. Stomach-friendly coffees are already on the market, but some doctors don't recommend them for people with aci
KC's View:
Thank goodness nobody has ever recommended to me that I stop drinking coffee for acid reflux - because if I don’t drink high-test in the morning, it is a lot less likely that MNB is going to be posted. (Of course, I’m also on a daily dose of Nexium ... but such are the realities of lots of years and lots of mileage...)