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MSNBC reports that chef Daniel Angerer, who owns the Klee Brasserie in New York City, has developed a new cheese with a twist - it is made with human breast milk.

According to the story, Angerer has a four week old daughter who was not drinking all the breast milk that his wife was pumping and saving in the refrigerator. Since breast milk has a natural expiration date, Angerer was faced with the prospect of throwing it out unless he could find another use for it.

“With his wife on board with the plan to offer a bit of herself in the name of culinary art,” MSNBC reports, “Angerer began experimenting with making cheese out of his wife’s breast milk. Turned out it worked pretty well - two gallons of breast milk, some curdling and two weeks of aging produced a sweet cheese with a taste not far removed from the more familiar cow’s milk cheese.”

Some people have been calling the restaurant begging for a taste of what is being called “My Spouse’s Mommy’s Milk Cheese,” while others have been turned off by the whole idea.

There are two reasons it may not matter.

One, this is a limited supply item. Eventually, the supply of breast milk is going to run out.

Two, the New York City Health Department has advised him not to sell or give away products made from human breast milk, even while conceding that there is no specific law against it.

However ... Angerer’s wife, Lori Mason, has one other idea: “She is urging her husband to try out another recipe before the mother’s milk supply dries up; she’d love to see a breast-milk gelato.”
KC's View:
I’ll try almost anything, and so I’d probably be willing to taste the breast milk cheese and gelato.

But to be honest, if I have my druthers, if I’m going to be tasting breast milk, I’d prefer that there be an actual nipple involved...