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New York-based Price Chopper has announced an innovative expansion of its popular Fuel Advantage program, which rewards consumers with a 10¢ per gallon savings on up to a 20 gallon fill-up for every $50 spent in groceries. For the next three months in a pilot program, users of Price Chopper’s AdvantEdge card also will be able to use it top save money on a pass usable on Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) buses.

“This new program ... gives us the opportunity to help our customers save money not only on groceries and fuel, but on mass transit passes through CDTA as well,” says Price Chopper President and CEO Neil Golub. “We relish the opportunity to collaborate with a progressive local business that is as dedicated as we are to reducing carbon emissions.”
KC's View:
I love this idea. At a time when many people are talking about reducing carbon emissions, Price Chopper is walking the walk. This may have more symbolic power than anything else, but symbols are important. This program extension simply makes sense - and I hope that it works well for them and that the concept gets extended beyond the 90 day pilot period.