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The Washington Post reports that the recession has chalked up one more victim - breakfast sales at many of the nation’s fast food joints.

“Breakfast sales had grown at a ravenous pace during the boom years as busy workers scarfed down sausage biscuits on the way to the office, fueling a $57 billion business and accounting for as much as a quarter of sales at some fast-food chains,” the Post writes. “Chains opened earlier and expanded their morning menus to accommodate the traffic as lunch and dinner sales flatlined.

“But as the jobless rate hit 26-year highs fewer people headed to work, and even those who did worried about their spending. So they poured bowls of cereal at home or simply slept in, putting breakfast on the back burner.”
KC's View:
The loss of breakfast business to fast food chains has always been something that has sort of annoyed me about the supermarket industry - there is almost no easier meal than breakfast, and they are capable of supplying a wide range of nutritious and economical choices ... and yet people have become convinced that it is somehow easier to stop someplace and have some old fried thing that’s going to clog up their arteries and takes years off their lives.

It is one of the ways in which many supermarkets, in my view, have not taken seriously enough the battle for share of stomach... and have quietly acquiesced as the enemy has quite literally nibbled away at market share.

Haven’t brought out this nugget in a while, but it seems like a good time:

Compete is a verb!!!