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Good piece in the Sacramento Bee about Blockbuster, which the paper notes is “battling financial losses, layoffs and fierce competition from Netflix, Apple, Sony, Google, Microsoft and others,” and now “is betting its survival on a slew of new technologies designed to make it easy to watch movies wherever and however you want. From DVD rental kiosks to streaming video over the Internet to your TV or cellphone to downloading movies to memory cards at a store, Blockbuster isn't just throwing concepts against the wall to see what sticks. It's practically using a machine gun to fire off new ideas.”

Here’s the salient comment: "If you think of a movie, we'll get it for you," says Bruce Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Blockbuster OnDemand.
KC's View:
I’ve been pretty critical of Blockbuster over the years, and I suppose that you can still make the argument that these efforts are too little, too late. That said, the “if you think of a movie, we'll get it for you” mantra strikes me as the right way to go...though it has to be matched to some sort of strategic vision for the company and not just a series of tactics.