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• In Baltimore, WJZ-TV News reports that legislators in the birthplace of Babe Ruth are considering banning the use of non-reusable plastic bags there, or charging a 25 cent fee for every plastic bag used.

The City Council is only in the early stages of considering the legislation, and there promises to be considerable resistance from the retail business community to any new regulation, arguing that such a move will hurt business at an inopportune time.

• The Palm Beach Post reports that “over the weekend, grocery store chain Albertsons LLC closed eight of its underperforming stores in Florida, including its stores in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Loxahatchee and Lake Worth. The company now only has 20 stores left in Florida, including its Port St. Lucie and Vero Beach locations.”

• The Chicago Tribune reports that ten Maine dairy farmers who found their contracts terminated by HP Hood last year, have banded together to create a new organic milk brand, MOOMilk, which they hope will be their shot at sustainable success by appealing to New England shoppers looking for local products. While the product sells for more than regular milk, sales at stores like Hannaford and IGA seem to doing well - people like the idea of knowing where the milk is coming from, and that they are keeping local farmers in business.
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