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The Washington Post reports that “Cuba has slashed food and agriculture imports from the United States - its largest food supplier despite decades of sour relations - as the communist government tightens its belt in the face of a crippling economic malaise.
Imports fell 26 percent in 2009 to $528 million, after peaking at $710 million the year before, according to a report Wednesday by the New York-based U.S.-Cuba Economic Trade Council, which provides nonpartisan commercial and economic information about the island and claims to have no position on policy ... Cuba has increasingly turned to other countries like Vietnam that will sell it lower-quality food and not ask for payment for as long as two years.”
KC's View:
I don’t know about you, but I was sort of shocked to find out that despite the lousy relationship between the US and Cuba, our country remains the largest exporter of food to Cuba because of a rule change that took place in 2000.