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Walmart announced yesterday that it is laying off 300 employees at its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters, the final piece of what the company says has been a year-long restructuring effort that has trimmed almost 14,000 positions throughout the company.

In a memo to employees, CEO Mike Duke wrote, “Last fall, we laid out three strategic priorities to deliver even more value for both customers and shareholders: growth, leverage and returns ... Each move has been designed to help us become more global, take advantage of our scale, and move our business even closer to the customer ... With this last major strategic piece in place, we are beginning our new fiscal year with every part of our business focused on being even more responsive to our customers.”

The cuts came in a variety of departments, including human resources, information systems, and legal affairs.
KC's View:
It is a pretty good bet that you’ll never find the words “fat,” “happy”and “Walmart” in the same sentence.

Unless, of course, it is a sentence like the one I just wrote, which makes the point that Walmart never is going to be accused of being fat and happy.