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The San Antonio Express-News reports that HEB is testing a new Men’s Zone concept in three of its stores, a place that “contains 534 products, many touted to de-stress skin, anti-puff eyes, repair wrinkles, soothe scalps and keep guys smelling citrusy-fresh all day.

“Many men, shopping baskets in hand, find what they want and leave. But others, pushing carts filled with produce, meat and paper towels, stop to talk sports while hanging out by TVs that broadcast soccer, car racing, basketball and, soon, the Winter Olympics. The only thing missing is the beer (that's near Aisle 2) and a recliner (the Home and Garden aisle probably has something).

“These men say they have the time to linger because they no longer need to search for their pretty-boy munitions among the arsenal of women's roll-ons, speed sticks, moisturizers, hair sprays and shavers, which are spread across multiple lanes.”

Best news of all - sales of products sold in the Men’s Zone are up 10 percent overall since the section was brought together.

The Express-News notes that “it's no secret the male grooming ritual has undergone a radical transformation, especially among aging boomers and younger men. They support an industry that generates $4 billion annually in the U.S. and $43 billion globally. The latter has averaged an annual growth rate of 8 percent during the past five years, estimates consumer-goods maker Procter & Gamble.”
KC's View:
Go figure. I went to Google and entered “Texas” and “metrosexuals,” and found out that there are close to 700,000 entries.

Just FYI...P&G had a version of the Men’s Zone operating at the recent Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Midwinter Executive Conference in Orlando, and was actually giving shaves and facials to a wide range of guys who seemed up for a little pampering. One guy I know, who always seems to have a five o’clock shadow ten minutes after shaving, said he got the closest shave of his life...and loved it.

Clearly, there’s a business opportunity here.

Maybe, under the skin, we’re all metrosexuals.

Even if we’re not from Texas.