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The Financial Times reports that Whole Foods plans to “start offering its healthier workers higher discounts on their grocery shopping, in a move it says is aimed at cutting healthcare costs.

“John Mackey, chief executive officer, said in a recent letter to employees that indicators including blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index would be used to determine the level of discount offered above the basic 20 per cent available to all employees.”

In the letter, Mackey reportedly said that he hoped the new initiative would be both “empowering and fun,” and sees them as “incentives to encourage our team members to be healthier and to lower our healthcare costs ... We believe this is a win-win program that will help both our team members and our shareholders.”
KC's View:
This may be empowering and fun, but it may not exactly be team-building. And I wonder how it will impact the hiring process at Whole Foods.