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Safeway Inc. and Excentus Corp. have settled a lawsuit over a fuel rewards program, and while terms of the agreement were not disclosed, both companies say that a new licensing agreement has been reached that ends all litigation between them.

We are pleased to put this litigation behind us,” said Safeway spokesman Brian Dowling.  “We respect the breadth of the Excentus intellectual property portfolio and look forward to exploring ways to work together on fuel rewards.”  

“We are glad to have been able to work with Safeway to execute an agreement that works for both of us and opens up the opportunity to work together on what is best for their customers going forward,” said Dickson Perry, CEO of Excentus.  “Our plan is to work with others who want to reward their customers with fuel discounts to avoid disruptive and costly litigation for their companies as we protect the assets of Excentus.”
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