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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that investment icon Warren Buffett, who holds 9.4 percent of the outstanding shares in Kraft Foods, said yesterday that he continues to object to the company’s $19.6 billion acquisition of Cadbury.

Referring to Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld, who has been pushing relentlessly for the deal, Buffett told CNBC, “"Irene has done a good job in operations. I like Irene. I mean, I find her -- she's been straightforward with me, we just disagree ... She thinks this is a good deal, I think it's a bad deal. I think she's a perfectly decent person. She could be a trustee under my will. I just don't want her making this particular deal.”

After four months of resistance, Cadbury accepted the Kraft bid earlier this week.
KC's View:
Maybe it’s just Nebraska folksiness, but does it strike anyone else that the “she could be a trustee under my will” line is a little disingenuous?

Though I have to admit that if I had to make a choice between getting proceeds from the Kraft-Cadbury deal and being in Warren Buffett’s will, I’d definitely choose the latter.