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Every once in a while, something pops up on the internet that, while on the face of it hardly huge or momentous, deserves a mention because it speaks of something profound.

In this case, it is a letter published in the Post Independent of Glenwood Springs, Colorado:

“As I retire from Safeway, I would like to thank all the people that came through my line. Day after day, year after year, your smiles made my job more meaningful.

As we go through life certain people make the difference. After 36 years as a checker for Safeway, 16 of those years here in Glenwood Springs, the people I have been able to wait on have made a good and positive impact on my life. I can only hope I was able to do the same for them.

Thanks to Safeway and my Safeway customers for all the good years.”

The letter was signed Peggy McKinster, to whom MNB wishes a happy retirement.
KC's View:
We make a lot of cynical comments here on MNB. Every once in a while, it is worth noting that there are good people out there who are working hard, people who don’t get a lot of credit but who touch people’s lives.