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Here’s the kind of story that you want to have written about your company, this from the Albany Times-Union:

“Wegmans corporate jet came to Albany on Thursday, but not to scout out sites for new supermarkets.

Instead, a top Wegmans official and several representatives of the Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection, a highly successful 22-year-old effort to keep inner-city students in Rochester from dropping out of school, were meeting with Gov. David Paterson's staff, which is looking at the possibility of supporting a similar program statewide ... The work-scholarship connection, established in 1987 by Bob and Danny Wegman, seeks to help economically disadvantaged children in Rochester's most troubled areas.”

According to the story, “The graduation rate of the participants has doubled to 62 percent from 31 percent, he said, and when the student also works at Wegmans, the graduation rate goes to 73 percent. The program currently serves 2,300 students in Rochester, but the goal is to increase that number to 6,000. Wegmans also has begun a program in Syracuse.”
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