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Radio Iowa reports that supermarket chain Hy-Vee and convenience store chain Casey’s are both working with the US Census, providing outposts where people can get information about how to fill out their 2010 Census forms. At Casey’s the information will be provided in unmanned boxes, while at Hy-Vee, the story says, “Part-time Census workers will staff ‘Quality Assistance Centers’.”

The story says that “Iowans will start getting Census questionnaires in the mail in mid-March. Iowa and Minnesota tied in 2000 for the highest return rate, with about 67 percent of Iowans who received a Census form in 2000 returning it in the mail ... The funding for about 100 federal programs is distributed, based on a population formula.  According to a recent Census estimate, Iowa now has more than three million residents, but the state is expected to lose a congressional seat as other states have had far greater population gains.”
KC's View:
Nice to see that in Iowa, at least, there is an understanding that the Census - which has been conducted every 10 years since the Census Act of 1790 was passed by Congress - plays a valid, even vital role in understanding how the nation is evolving.

As opposed to the occasional wingnut who thinks it is some kind of conspiracy that is anti-freedom.