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The ForeSee Results E-Retail Satisfaction Index says that during the just-completed holiday season, online satisfaction in the US is up nearly seven percent compared to the same period a year ago, from 74 in 2008 to 79 on the study’s 100-point index.

Among the reasons for the improvement, as explained by ForeSee: “E-retail is actually improving. Many US e-retailers have embraced the findings that improving online customer experience has a demonstrable and tangible effect on their bottom lines and made changes to online shopping that are in part responsible for their increase in satisfaction.”

In addition, according to the report, “Scores were up more dramatically for first time visitors than for repeat visitors (though repeat visitors’ scores are also up). Since first-time visitors are typically far less satisfied than repeat visitors, this increase is a good sign that retail websites, as a whole, have truly improved their visitors’ experiences.”

The survey, it must be noted, measures only the nation’s top 40 it is possible that smaller venues are not making the same investments and seeing the improved satisfaction.

The clear winner, according to ForeSee, was, which “is the only website that scored an 87, the highest score ForeSee Results has ever recorded for an online company (a score of 80 is considered the threshold of excellence in studies using this methodology). Netflix, which tied for first last year, came in second at 86. Nine other retail websites registered scores above 80,” including QVC, Cabela’s, Apple, Avon and LL Bean.
KC's View:
Don’t know about you, but I used Amazon for a significant portion of our Christmas shopping this year ... and they never disappointed. In fact, they exceeded expectations at almost every turn. So it is no surprise here that Amazon was a clear winner during the end of year holiday season.