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"My team was mesmerized by Kevin’s presentation. Thanks to Kevin, they left the meeting newly energized with a strong sense of purpose.”
- Donna Giordano, President, QFC

You’ve scheduled a meeting and are looking for a speaker who can energize the audience. Who can bring context to relevant headlines shaping your business, and share a unique understanding of customer dynamics. Who can offer a provocative perspective on the kind of thought leadership that can propel businesses into the next decade of the 21st century.

This is what “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe does every day on MorningNewsBeat, and it is what he has done at hundreds of conferences in the US and abroad.

It is what he can bring to your meeting or conference.

“What a great job you did at our management retreat! Our group felt your presentation was filled with fresh, practical information and is excited about trying some new marketing approaches.”
- Norman Mayne, CEO, Dorothy Lane Market

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