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Great little piece in the Seattle Times about Toni Keene, a longtime employee in the Home department at the Macy’s store in downtown Seattle, who makes sure during the Christmas shopping season that she is “creating good smells, sound advice, a cup of coffee and a warm cookie before you shop some more. And take a recipe, too. Save yourself some time.”

"I want people to feel better," Keene tells the paper. "And right now, I think everybody is going through some difficulty. If I can put a smile on people's faces, then I go home knowing my job is done."
KC's View:
The irony is that Toni Keene used to work at Larry’s Market before moving to The Bon Marché two decades ago. When Macy’s took over The Bon Marché, Keene stayed...and the new owners have cannily turned her into a marketing asset. She may be selling pots and pans and small appliances...but she’s actually selling a lot more than that.

She’s selling attitude. She’s selling values.

Here’s the simple question I’d ask of MNB’s retail readers.
When people come into your stores, do they smell good smells? Can they get a cup of coffee or a warm cookie that make them feel better? Do they feel like you are on their side during tough times?

Ask yourself. It’s never too late.