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MNB user Debra K.W. Topham had some thoughts about yesterday’s radio commentary...

Thank you, Kevin, for closing your commentary today with a basic premise to improving health:  teach people to cook!  We all took driver’s education and a driving test before getting our licenses….even though there are traffic lights that could tell a kindergartner how to stop go.  Why does any government think that a simple front-of-pack label or icon will change a population’s health status or eating habits if we don’t teach them how to use the label in context?

Any of these icons only serve to categorize individual foods as good or bad - they leave out the context that cooking and nutrition classes can accomplish with lifestyle management.  I believe there must be a correlation that cooking classes left our educational curriculum when microwave ovens became affordable household staples.

Don’t rush to judgment: I am a huge fan of microwave cooking just about everything from produce to casseroles to rice dishes—not just pre-packaged meals.  (Still can’t do steak in a microwave!)  Now my college-bound kids are celebrities amongst their peers because they know how to cook fast and also save money.   
Another benefit to cooking: We shouldn’t forget that cooking is a great way to math and reading literacy, too.  
Keep up the diverse and perplexing dialogue!

Perplexing - that’s my middle name.

Regarding the vote in the US Senate not to allow the import of cheaper prescription drugs from places like Canada, one MNB user wrote:

The only reason that we are not allowed to bring in drugs from Canada is Lobbyists.

“Counterfeit drugs” is a bogus objection since many drugs are not manufactured in this country anyway. One can get drugs on the internet by talking to a doctor over the telephone and you certainly know why the drug companies don’t care who is BUYING. You are absolutely correct that our current and previous congresses have been dysfunctional. Who elects those guys anyway?

Another MNB user wrote:

Couldn’t agree more with the dysfunctional comment. But, FYI…drugs throughout the world are made by global drug companies…and they sell their products to Americans at a higher cost than they sell their drugs to other countries because our insurance pays for it.  So, Americans are paying a higher percentage for the R&D of new drugs sold globally.

Are you suggesting that we need insurance reform?

How hard can that be? Maybe we could do basic health care reform while we’re at it...

Yet another MNB user wrote:

I firmly believe that I am smart enough to recognize that the Health Care system in America is a mess.  I am smart enough to recognize what this country has today, just isn't working.

That said, I believe there is an easy solution.

I am smart enough to understand, that whatever is good for my Congressman, Eric Cantor, is going to be good enough for me.  Sight unseen, I'd be four-square in favor of the Congressional Health Care Plan as an option for every citizen.  You wouldn't even have to throw in private gym privileges and an emergency medical staff on site at my work place.  I'd sacrifice those sections.

If you want to keep the plan you have, fine.  If you want "Eric's" plan, it's available.  It's a free country, take your pick.

You just have to run for office.

I think I’d rather have a colonoscopy.
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