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• A year after a New York Walmart suffered a Black Friday tragedy when over-stimulated shoppers looking for Black Friday bargains trampled a temporary employee to death, USA Today reports that a Walmart store in Upland, California, had to be closed for several hours before sunrise when some shoppers began fighting over deal merchandise.

The store reportedly was shuttered at 2:44 am and reopened at 6 am, Walmart had gone to a 24-hour schedule over the weekend to relieve some of the traffic.

There were no reported injuries.

• Canada’s Supreme Court reportedly has ruled that Walmart was within its rights when it decided to close a store in Jonquiere, Quebec, where workers had voted to unionize.

The company had maintained that the store was only doing marginal business to begin with, and that the demands of the newly unionized employees made it impossible for the unit to be profitable.
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