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Meanwhile, is projecting that “96.5 million Americans plan to shop on Cyber Monday this year, up from 85 million in 2008,” as they look to take advantage of promotions especially designed for the occasion.

According to the survey, “nearly nine in ten (87.1%) retailers will have a special promotion for Cyber Monday, up from 83.7 percent last year and 72.2 percent in 2007. The most popular promotions are expected to be specific deals (42.9%), one-day sales (32.9%), and free shipping on all purchases (15.7%). Half of retailers (50.0%) will distribute promotions and deals to shoppers through a special Cyber Monday email.

“While some Cyber Monday shoppers will choose to shop from the office, the large majority will shop from living rooms and kitchens all across the country. According to the survey, 91.5 percent of Cyber Monday shoppers – or 88.2 million Americans – will shop from home on Cyber Monday while 13.5 percent, or 13 million people, will shop from work.” The reason: more Americans than ever before have high-speed/broadband connections at home, which makes it unnecessary to shop from the workplace.
KC's View:
Don’t know about you, but I’ve been deluged with emails about Cyber Monday promotions. It would be annoying, but I’m very, very handy with the delete key.