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Interesting piece in the Chicago Tribune about how local restaurant owners/chefs have decided to bolster their bottom lines by conducting cooking classes for local residents, who in turn are using the sessions as a way of learning how to stretch their food dollars during a recession in nutritious, economical and tasty ways.

"I can't believe the reception the classes have been getting," says David Maish, of David's Bistro in Antioch, Illinois. "People say this is the most fun they have had all year. They are not just learning something, but they are having fun and filling their tummies too."
KC's View:
It is a small trend, but a noteworthy one. in most cases, the people taking these classes are going to have to turn to the supermarket to get the ingredients they need...which will further take them away from the restaurants where they are taking the lessons. One could argue that this isn’t very smart of the eateries, which are hurting their long-term cause in the battle for share of stomach.

But the better question is why more supermarkets aren’t engaging in this battle more aggressively and ambitiously. If restaurants are going to teach people how to cook and eat better, why don't more supermarkets?