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Interesting piece in the Los Angeles Times about how some entrepreneurs have defined a new marketing opportunity. Now that the Obama administration has decided not to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries, these businesses have been growing “like weeds.” In Denver - as it happens, the Mile High City - there are more than 60 such dispensaries in Denver and Boulder, with more than 10,000 registered medical marijuana users in the state of Colorado.

Well, where there is marijuana, inevitably there will be the munchies. Which is why Hapa Sushi, a local restaurant chain, has begun advertising the fact that some of its locations are close to the dispensaries.

“We’re just kind of saying, ‘Look, these dispensaries exist and they’re becoming part of our community, so let’s welcome them in and have some fun,’ ” says Mark Van Grack, the chain’s owner. “If you’re going to smoke pot, you’re going to get the munchies, so come to Hapa to eat.”
KC's View:
Business development and marketing are all about finding opportunities and innovating around them. If the use of medical marijuana spreads - or, if as some people think, legalized pot is just around the corner - just imagine how good business is going to be for companies in the munchie business.