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A new program designed to encourage shoppers to use reusable bags for shopping and bring plastic bags back to the store for recycling has begun in California under the name ‘Got Your Bags?” The promotion is being supported by n-profit, government and business groups; for example, 68 Albertsons stores in the Los Angeles area are featuring "Got Your Bags?" reminders in the form of decals on their front doors, buttons for employees and select stores are placing stencils at store entrances.

"Our goal with this campaign is to give consumers that extra reminder so they translate good intentions into action," said Christine Flowers-Ewing, Executive Director of Keep California Beautiful, in a prepared statement. "We all play an important role as individuals by using reusable bags and increasing the recycling of plastic bags and wraps. California's residents need to get the message that they can recycle all types of clean plastic film, such as dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, and wraps covering paper towels, drinks or other retail items.”

The announcement noted that California state law requires grocery stores and pharmacies with more than 10,000 square feet of retail space to provide bins for the collection and recycling of plastic shopping bags, “yet research shows that consumer awareness remains low, and shoppers often forget to bring their bags back to the store. The same holds true for reusable bags.”
KC's View:
This is the best approach. No legislation involved, but an intelligent and broad-based program that tries to cover all the bases. Reusable bags plus recycling. If it works, it helps solve the problem of planet-abuse. Or at least takes a small step in that direction.