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MNB has a transparency-first philosophy, which made this press release stand out:

“Tallgrass Beef, a market leader in branded grass-fed beef production, will use DNA TraceBack from IdentiGEN to provide a reliable and accurate traceability system so that every cut of Tallgrass beef can be traced back to the family farm where the animals were raised. IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack, which has earned the U.S. Department of Agriculture's certification as a ‘Process Verified Program’ (PVP), is a product verification system providing meat companies with a process to manage food safety and quality assurance. Tallgrass Beef packages at the retail meat case will carry IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack seal, a guarantee to consumers that each cut came from Tallgrass' pasture-based, humane production and processing system.”
KC's View:
This strikes me as an approach that will be the bare minimum as we move down the road. Better to embrace it than deny it.