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Brand Week reports on a new study on the efficacy of in-store marketing from retail consultancy Miller Zell, suggesting that:

• 32 percent of shoppers say that in-store marketing is “very effective,” compared to 27 percent who said the same thing about ads outside the store.
• 70 percent of those polled said that endcaps are the most engaging displays in store, “followed by merchandising displays (62 percent), and department signage (58 percent). Ceiling banners and overhead mobiles have the least impact.”
• According to the story, “shelf strips (55 percent) and shelf blades (50 percent) have become more important, especially among the Gen X and Gen Y crowds, who feel the more information the better, per the report.”
• “Overall, women and Gen Y consumers were most influenced by in-store marketing efforts.”

In addition, almost half of those polled said they would like to see more product information as part of in-store advertising and promotional efforts.
KC's View:
This last bit of information supports a central mantra here at MNB: transparency is everything.