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Marketing Daily reports on a new survey by market research firm Synovate that suggests US consumers remain highly fixated on price - “74% now shop armed with a list ... 65% think grocery items are overpriced, and 49% find the experience so unpleasant they just want to ‘get in and get out’ ... some 39% of shoppers in the U.S. say they are spending less than they did 12 months ago, and 78% would happily switch one food brand for another if it were a better deal.”

In fact, the supermarket shopping experience is so distasteful to people that, the report says, “48% would gladly shop online, if they thought online grocery shopping was both secure and that they would get high-quality food.” However, this doesn’t mean that they are using alternative formats: “89% say they are most likely to shop at supermarkets, and only 10% of Americans say they do their grocery shopping at superstores, which typically offer lower prices. Some 57% of Americans still do a big weekly shopping trip, and 58% buy in bulk.”
KC's View:
Not so widely reported is the fact that 97 percent of those surveyed were annoyed by the questions because the phone call came during dinner.

But seriously...I think that retailers need to pay attention to such numbers, which suggest some real discontent with an experience that they feel they cannot avoid. They need to ask themselves, is this my customer? What have I done - and not done - to create such attitudes? What can I do to change such attitudes?

Competition for the consumer dollar is both fierce and perpetual. No room for complacency here.