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The New York Times reports on how the town of Westport, Connecticut, despite some concerns that a ban on plastic shopping bags would put stores there at a competitive disadvantage, seems t have embraced the concept. According to the story, one of the sponsors of the legislation says that “the 10,000 households in Westport now each use at least two fewer plastic bags per week. The total, he calculated, comes to 600,000 fewer plastic bags used since the ban started. Under the new regulation, the town can impose a $150 fine on businesses that distribute plastic bags.”

Another sponsor of the bill says that “the greatest thing that happened was after the six-month period was over, Stop & Shop, who originally opposed the ban, had people clapping when customers remembered their reusable bags.”
KC's View:
When bans happen, retailers have a choice. They can embrace the change and make it work for them, or they can grouse and grumble.

Seems to me that the first option is the best one...and it sounds like the Stop & Shop there is doing it the right way.