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• The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the unveiling of a new Wegmans in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, that opened yesterday, attracting more than 1,500 people for a 7 am opening, including some people wearing “Wegmaniacs” t-shirts.

According to the story, “While customers celebrated that the store at Routes 422 and 29 had opened at last, so did employees. At a time when the economy is still reeling, Wegmans is one of the few businesses that has created jobs. A total of 550 employees were chosen from an applicant pool of 6,147.”

USA Today has a story suggesting that the recent demise of Gourmet magazine does not mean that America’s love affair with food is over. Rather, the world has changed so that people “who love to cook now have a dizzying array of choices when they're looking for information and recipes. They can search online, watch cooking shows, flip through personality-driven magazines, read food blogs. It's a world of celebrity chefs, social networking and recipe cyber-swapping, specialized niche websites and blogs, ingredients of all sorts easily ordered online.”

• Kraft Foods announced that it plans to invest more than $22 million in a French biscuit R&D center in France, that will develop new products for some of the company’s European brands.
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