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Advertising Age reports that Burger King will begin rolling out a new store décor package in 2010, described as “a high-ticket renovation project geared at building sales per store and creating a casual-dining experience.” The new store – the first of which was built at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam – is said to be black and white and have a “contemporary industrial” design…that will cost franchisees between $300,000 and $600,000, significantly more than the McCafé concept cost McDonald’s franchisees.

The high cost, Ad Age suggests, could cause some pushback from Burger King franchisees.
KC's View:
Same observation here as I made yesterday about Wendy’s, which is launching a new ad campaign about freshness…

It doesn’t matter to me so much what the ad campaign says or even what the color is on the walls. What matters is how tasty and nutritious the food is.