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In Week Four of the National Football League season:

Detroit 24
Chicago 48

Tennessee 17
Jacksonville 37

Baltimore 21
New England 27

Cincinnati 23
Cleveland 20

Seattle 17
Indianapolis 34

NY Giants 27
Kansas City 16

Tampa Bay 13
Washington 16

Buffalo 10
Miami 38


NY Jets 10
New Orleans 24

St. Louis 0
San Francisco 35

San Diego 28
Pittsburgh 38

And, in Major League Baseball, the regular season is over and all the divisional winners are set…except for one.

National League East: Philadelphia Phillies
National League Central: St. Louis Cardinals
National League West: Los Angeles Dodgers
National League Wild Card: Colorado Rockies

American League East: New York Yankees
American League Central: Minnesota Twins or Detroit Tigers, TBD on Tuesday night
American League West: Los Angeles Angels
American League Wild Card: Boston Red Sox
KC's View:
I hesitate to do this, because my record is generally pretty awful. But…

If I were going to bet, it would be on the Yankees facing the Cardinals in the World Series. But I have this crazy feeling that it is going to be the Angels vs. the Cardinals.

BTW…Michael Sansolo had a good line from the “timing is everything” department…he shot me an email yesterday noting that the New York Mets had swept the final series of the season for the first time in three years…and if they’d done so in 2008, 2007 or 2006, they would have found themselves in the playoffs.