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• The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Walgreen has confirmed its plans to start selling beer and wine in most of its 7,000 store around the country. The rollout will take up to a year and a half, the company says, because of the need to acquire all the appropriate licenses.

• The Nielsen company is out with new research prognosticating about the upcoming end-of-year holiday season, saying that “households continue to focus on ‘essential gift giving’ such as staple consumables, candy, beverage/alcohol and entertaining at home, and 86 percent said that they expect to spend the same or less this year than last — with a 7 percent increase in those indicating they would spend less. Overall, Nielsen is projecting that holiday sales will rise 0.03 percent this year, accounting for $90 billion in dollar sales.”

• The Washington Business Journal reports that Safeway plans to spend $100 million over the next five years to renovate and/or replace its stores in Maryland’s Montgomery County.

• Food Lion announced that it has completed the remodeling of 31 stores “in Columbia, S.C. and Florence, S.C. As part of Food Lion's ongoing ‘Take A Fresh Look’ renewal efforts.”
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