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The BBC reports on how Tesco identified 32-year-old, Gambian-born Fatou Cham to be one of six employees used as “real women” models in a current ad campaign for its clothing lines.

The only problem – it now ends up that Cham is in the country illegally.

According to the story, “Ms. Cham arrived in Britain in 1998 on a student visa to study at London Metropolitan University in Holloway, north London. She joined Tesco in 2002 when foreign nationals only needed a national insurance number to gain employment.

“But the rules have now changed, meaning Ms Cham now requires a valid work visa. Her applications have so far been turned down and she had appealed to the High Court.”

If the appeals do not work, Cham could be facing deportation.

Tesco is said to have done everything by the book, and is in no legal jeopardy in the case.
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