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MarketWatch reports on a new Citigroup research report saying that national brands may be making some advances at the expense of private label products.

According to the story, “For the four-week period ended Sept. 5, branded food manufacturers gained 20 basis points of dollar market share from private-label brands over the same period last year -- marking the first time since late 2006 they have gained share, Citigroup said.

“The share gains stemmed from food makers sticking to price increases in their branded food, despite lower ingredient and energy costs, as well as more stable volume shipments, the analysts said. Private-label prices have been falling.”

• The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and GS1 US announced yesterday the launch of Rapid Recall Exchange, an online service to enable prompt and accurate information exchange between retailers/wholesalers and suppliers about food and product recalls and withdrawals. It replaces an existing recall system, the Product Recall Portal, by improving ease of use and adding significant capabilities.

“This will benefit the public It is a system designed by the industry and for the industry, which applies best practices and critical insight and expertise from industry partners and associations,” says Leslie G. Sarasin, FMI president/CEO.

“It employs the same GS1 global standards that these companies already use to identify their products, stock their shelves, and accelerate checkouts,” says Bob Carpenter, CEO of GS1 US. “Its ease of use and extensive functionality can improve the speed and accuracy of recalls, which we all want.”
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