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• The Boston Globe reports on what is characterized as the nation’s longest ongoing fight about the building of a Walmart – in St. Albans, Vermont, where the battle actually started beck in 1993.

According to the Globe, “The duration reflects the high stakes: Should Wal-Mart win the right to build in St. Albans, opponents fear the retailer would be poised to proliferate in rural corners of a state that has resisted its overtures. Vermont has the fewest Wal-Marts in the nation, with four stores, compared with 46 in Massachusetts, 27 in New Hampshire and 22 in Maine.”

The battle is being fought over long-held philosophies. Walmart says that local residents need both the inexpensive products it offers and the jobs it can provide, and some residents agree, while opponents fear the long-term economic impact of Walmart on local businesses.
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