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Whole Foods Market announced that it has completed its 776 million-kilowatt-hour purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) from wind farms.

According to the announcement, “The RECs are equal to 100 percent of the Company's electricity use in its North American locations, and nearly 90 percent of this year's purchase is helping to fund E.ON Climate & Renewables' (EC&R) recently-completed Texas-based Panther Creek wind farm.”

"Whole Foods Market is working hard to be a leader in environmental stewardship and to make sure that our investment drives new wind power growth for the country. Buying nearly all of our 2009 renewable energy credits from Panther Creek to help bring new power from the wind farm to the grid is a great example of that," said Lee Matecko, Whole Foods Market global vice president of Construction and Store Development.
KC's View:
This is one of the stories that, I have to admit, I don't understand – I don't really get the whole renewable energy credit thing. But, it also is one of those stories where it doesn’t really matter – the narrative is that Whole Foods is doing something smart for itself and the environment, and that’s the kind of positive story that people can relate to even if they don't completely understand it.

Once again, it is providing a narrative that is important. It is telling a story that will resonate with its shoppers.