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BrandWeek has an interview with Walgreens’ chief marketing officer Kim Feil, in which she addresses the retailer’s aggressive new advertising campaign to position the company as a consumer resource. Excerpts:

• “We (have) a clear insight into what our consumers want Walgreens to be, which is a resource to them, whether it’s helping them do easy things like grabbing a gallon of milk on a Sunday morning to make breakfast, or something as complicated as [assisting] a newly diagnosed diabetic. This all led to the development of our new communication program.”

• “We used to market all of our businesses as separate businesses, but what we really wanted to communicate is we are a comprehensive destination for pharmacy health care and a community-based services company - I hope consumers begin to understand that Walgreens isn’t just a store - [we’ve got] the e-commerce site, they can access their services through the Web, in our clinics, in our employer work sites and in a lot of different places. We want to elevate the brand beyond the walls, and really focus on it as a brand that meets consumers where they are.”
KC's View:
It is, in essence, the MNB mantra – in the 21st century, effective retailers need top be where consumers want them, when consumers want them, how consumers want them, selling products at prices that consumers believe are appropriate. “Beyond the walls” is a bare minimum…