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The Bradenton Herald reports that Manasota-88, an environmental watchdog group, is pushing for the elimination of plastic grocery bags by retailers in Florida’s Manatee County, saying that the bags foul streets, beaches, sewer systems and marine environments.

However, local governments and businesses are objecting to the proposal. A Publix spokesperson tells the paper that while the company opposes a ban, it does believe in giving shoppers a choice of paper, plastic and reusable bags. And a government spokesman says that at a time when the county is trying to become more business-friendly, a ban would send the wrong message.
KC's View:
I’m not sure that a ban on plastic bags is necessarily anti-business, since it has been proven in some chains that when reusable bags take hold, the savings on all those paper and plastic bags actually go right to the bottom line.

That said, I pretty much agree with Publix – especially because Publix does such a good job of providing those choices. I have a couple of their reusable bags, and they are in the regular rotation…and I like to think I’m saving my local retailers money every time I use them.