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• Good piece in Advertising Age about Walmart’s “redesigned, repackaged and reformulated” Great Value private brand, saying, in part, that “to write it off as similar (to most generics) not only misses the point but underestimates its potential impact. The new Great Value is a game changer, not simply because of its size -- the brand is estimated to be larger than $10 billion -- but because its novel approach to store-brand packaging and merchandising.” The company says that the goal is to differentiate “Great Value from other brands rather than trying to mimic them.”

That has meant improving the quality and hiring brand marketing executives used to competing in the national brand CPG business, though the approach is not without risks. As Ad Age writes, one of them” is to what extent Walmart will trade consumers down from the brands that have been its bread and butter for decades, which could depress same-store sales but possibly sweeten profits and margins.”
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