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Brand Week reports that Burger King’s deal with ConAgra will bring the fast feeder’s French fries to retail stores later this month, which large-sized versions – dubbed King Kolossalz, and King Wedgez – expected to follow shortly.

The microwaveable fries will retail for approximately $1.49 per box.

According to the story, “Sharon Miller, vp of retail sales for ConAgra’s Lamb Weston, said the BK branding will give the products a jumpstart in the marketplace: ‘Now consumers can enjoy King-fries at home, in an easy-to-prepare, microwaveable format that’s perfect for today’s busy families.”
KC's View:
I almost hate to get on this horse one more time, but…I would argue that supermarkets ought to consider whether carrying Burger King-branded French fries is a good competitive move, considering that Burger King’s core mission is to get people to eat out rather than at home. Why do anything to bolster the competition?

There will be folks who will argue that I am being too absolutist in this position, but let’s be clear. My goal is not to be absolutist, but rather to suggest that everybody in the food business is in a battle for share of stomach, and therefore everybody ought to be playing hardball. That’s what BK is doing…using supermarkets to bolster its own brand credibility and bottom line. Why be complicit?