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The New York Times reports that John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, has said that he would accept proposed labor legislation that does not include controversial “card check” provisions. Instead, Sweeney says he is open to a bill that requires a fast election process that “protects workers against anti-union intimidation by employers and eliminates the threats to workers.”

Card check legislation, known as the Employee Free Choice Act, would not require a secret ballot election during unionization drives, but rather the simple signing of petitions. Employers have complained that this puts them at a significant disadvantage in any debate over unionization, while organized labor has said that it prevents management interference with their efforts.

President Barack Obama has supported card check legislation, which has been the subject of much debate on the Congress…which many observers believe will lead to some sort of compromise.
KC's View:
It was increasingly clear, especially as the Obama administration deals with challenges on a number of fronts, that card check legislation simply was not going to fly. Which in my view is a good thing, since calling for a secret ballot ought to be the right of every business. (It also is business’s responsibility not to intimidate employees, by the way. The two responsibilities go hand-in-hand.)

Y’think maybe compromise and level-headedness is coming to Washington. (What are the odds?)