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The Topeka Capitol-Journal has a great story about a fellow named Doug Powell, associate professor of food safety at Kansas State University, who has created a website at designed to allow people to post their most disgusting stories about their experiences with food poisoning and its often inevitable results.

According to the story, the site has gotten thousands of hits from70 countries.

In addition, Powell uses celebrity stories to illustrate how easily food safety procedures get breached – like the time on the “Today Show” that Martha Stewart touched raw chicken, then picked up a roll and handed it to Matt Lauer, who ate it.

"I'm trying to reach an audience who wouldn't normally care about it," Powell says.
KC's View:
It is actually a pretty entertaining site, considering the subject…and worth visiting. This is an area that people need to pay more attention to, and to which consumers need to have greater knowledge, and Powell does a great job of making it accessible…if occasionally disgusting.