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Walmart said this week that it plans to expand its prescription delivery program nationwide, after having piloted the effort in Michigan by offering a 90-day supply of some 300 generic prescriptions for $10 via free by-mail delivery.

According to the announcement released by the retailer, “From rural communities like Aroostook County, Maine, and Devils Lake, North Dakota, to metro cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C., residents in 22 states and the District will be able to take advantage of this affordable pharmacy program from Walmart by calling1-800-2REFILL. Additionally, Walmart's free mail delivery program has no gimmicks, no memberships and no enrollment fees. This announcement signals Walmart's commitment to help customers save money on prescriptions regardless of whether or not they live close to a Walmart pharmacy location.”
KC's View:
It has long been the contention here on MNB that retailers have to act like they are competing with Walmart even if there is no Bentonville Behemoth anywhere nearby…because Walmart’s reach defies geography. That’s been clear as the company invests more and more in online retailing, and now it becomes clearer with the expansion of this program. Note that Walmart is making it available to residents of New York City…even though there are no Walmarts in any of the five boroughs of the city.

It will be interesting to see how fast and how completely other retailers jump into direction competition with this Walmart program, hoping to blunt the impact.